Dubbing Services

A full-service Audiovisual studio specializing in precision dubbing, ADR / voice over / Automated audio transcription.

The Asisx Studio is a full Audiovisual Studio specializing in precision dubbing, AD (Audio Description) and audio post-production services

We oversee the dubbing process end-to-end, and deliver engaging foreign language adaptations of your content in short time frames. When adapting your content into the target language, we ensure that the foreign version is just as entertaining and conveys the same message as your original production.

Dubbing services and priority

Lip-sync dubbing
At the Asisx studio our main priority is to synchronized to the lip movements of the actors in your dubbed content, giving the impression that the content was originally produced in the target language.



Top notch Precision dubbing for your movies and series content.

Automated Audio Transcription

High quality accurate subtitle (SRT, STL) files generated for your content.


Standard Audio post-production relating to sound produced and synchronized with moving picture (film, television, or video)


Standard Music and effects production for your film, Series or video content.

Our Mission and Goal

We aim to provide a valuable and culturally enriching experience for the local-speaking(Hausa, French, Yoruba, Pidgin) population. We are confident that this initiative will not only meet the entertainment needs of the audience but also contribute to the cultural and economic growth of the region.

Our Dubbing

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Initial Assessments of files

Criteria: initial review of all file to make sure they are all viewable. Cultural and Linguistic Considerations preview: Additionally, linguistic experts will preview the movie to help understand how to properly imbibe the cultural integrity when dubbing.


Our Ai Powered transcription system and Professional translators fluent in both languages to be dubbed will translate the dialogue, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance. (this is usually provided from the movie house).

Voice Casting

Voice actors will be selected based on auditions, considering factors such as vocal range, acting ability, and suitability for specific character roles.

Voice Recording

Voice actors may undergo rehearsals to familiarize themselves with the Actors dialogue and perfect their delivery. Multiple Takes: Multiple takes will be recorded to ensure optimal performance and accuracy in line delivery.

Editing and Mixing

Dubbed dialogue will be meticulously edited to synchronize with the lip movements of the original actors. Mixing: Dubbed dialogue will be mixed with the original movie soundtrack, balancing audio levels and ensuring seamless integration.

Quality Control and Sending Out

A final quality check will be conducted to ensure that the dubbed version meets industry standards for clarity, coherence, and cultural authenticity. Distribution: File will be sent back via our protected cloud infrastructure.


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